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" He clearly prepared for our meetings & I felt that he cared about me. "

Jules Boardman Executive Coaching & Mentoring - Clients

To date Jules Boardman has worked with a wide variety of clients in the arts, entertainment, HR, legal and medical professions. Here is a selection of client testimonials:-

I was feeling lost, destabilised, demotivated and unsure of my future, my abilities and my successes. Perhaps like you, I had found myself thinking that perhaps coaching would help. And, perhaps like you, the twinkling promise that Jules could be the Godfather I Never Had beckoned to me from this very Testimonial page.

I didn't think anyone could really live up to that reputation, let alone exceed it, but Jules did and has. The outcome, for me, was not a Major Career Change or an Overhaul of My Life, but a nuanced and significant reworking of how I thought about what I am doing in this world and how I could do it better. (Or as Jules has helped me to think, how I can do it even better).

I wish you best of luck in your own journey, marching as you might for a few moments with Jules by your side - how lucky you will be if that is the case.

Arts and Media Consultant
March 2015

Over a few decisive months in my career development, once every few weeks, I left behind me the high pressured everyday tasks as a director of a nascent multimillion-pound business and allowed myself a couple of hours of guided introspection.

With Jules by my side, these exercises and discussions allowed me to identify concrete goals, unearth obstacles and devise strategies for overcoming them. I found Jules to be a true coach and mentor, wise, knowledgeable, attentive and responsive - everything I expected. After a few months' of work I started seeing options where previously there were only challenges.

I'm very thankful to Jules for this and will warmly recommend him to those whom I wish well.

Director, Lipton Rogers Developments
December 2014

I would thoroughly recommend Jules as a coach.

I worked with Jules for 6 sessions over a 6 month period and thoroughly enjoyed working with him - I found it both helpful and transformative. Jules is a pleasure to work with as a coach: he is always perceptive, insightful, light hearted and yet at times also quite direct with the knack of asking the 'tough question' when it's needed. He has a human touch and a keen sense of wit - bringing interesting examples from his experience. His approach is tailored to the individual and goal focused. His thoughts and advice are always very practical. He uses the power of self reflection to good effect by asking some big questions - this is where the greatest learning takes place. Jules helped me gain greater understanding of myself and better clarity on what I wanted to be doing in 5 and 10 years time - both professionally and personally.

Marketing Director
August 2013

Working with Jules was a revolutionary experience.

Jules has a practical outlook combined with a supportive and nurturing approach to change. Throughout my sessions with Jules I've learnt a lot about myself and with his thought provoking questions I have been able to confront issues that were holding me back and discovered tools and techniques that have proved transformative. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Suzanne Boguzas, Creative PA
December 2012

From the first telephone call, I instinctively knew that Jules would be able to offer tailored executive coaching, and indeed, he immediately identified the need to balance my professional, creative, and personal ambitions.

During both face-to-face sessions, and remotely during my international leadership residency, Jules took an honest, direct, and structured approach, but with equal measures of warmth, eloquence, and humour, employed.

His greatest gift to me was enabling my ability to use self reflection as a powerful tool; using one's experiences and achievements, the positive and the negative, to effectively reprogram how I approach decision making and challenge, and ultimately take control of how I would like the next ten years of my life to progress.

Tiernan Kelly, Director, Film City Glasgow
July 2012

Jules not only makes you ask yourself the big questions but through his coaching you answer the little questions that reveal your big answers.

When Jules and I first met, I was living and working in the United States but searching for the right coach. Very pragmatically, Jules challenged me on the commitment required to work together with an ocean between us. His open but pointed inquisitive nature upon that first meeting was the perfect match for me. Luckily, my relocation to London happened much sooner than anticipated and we were able to work together. Jules skillfully guided me through a tricky professional and personal transition from a successful career in the United States to committing to an entrepreneurial path in the United Kingdom.

Whether guiding me on the translation of my cv or exploring how to leverage my personal network Jules was an invaluable resource to set up for my new life in London. In addition to easing the basics of a professional life in a new country, Jules seeks to conquer whatever holds you back from success. After our time working together I feel poised and fully prepared for whatever the future brings me professionally and personally.

As a coach Jules presents the right kind of challenge that makes you rise to meet him but to really meet yourself.

Susan Vargo, Executive Producer
March 2012

Jules is a first rate incisive business and personal mentor and coach employing a well structured approach and a thorough understanding of business and personal pressures across many industry sectors to bring genuine personal benefit, confidence and clarity in thinking. I would unreservedly recommend Jules, he has enormous experience and advice to give to receptive clients. To guard against committing you to a potentially unattainable or unsuitable outcome, he will assess you and your chemistry carefully and ensure that objectives are jointly agreed.

Alastair Ingram, Freespirit Events
November 2011

"I worked with Jules during late 2010 and early 2011. He had been recommended to me by word of mouth by bright, young arts professionals, which is great as I am not as attracted by standard coaching or training. After a few years in my business I have come to expect more. I don't have an arts background, but have worked out that creative coaches are the best at unlocking the inner voice in us all. Jules has a smart and professional approach, manages to build trust very quickly and lets the coaching take an individual direction. He is both warm and sharp and uses these qualities to positively interrogate you to where you need to head in life. Most of our sessions were done through video conferencing as I was in Beijing and Jules in London, but the quality of the coaching relationship through VC is a testimony to Jules' skills and dedication. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and when we completed the process found an optimism and direction that was at risk of being lost. All in all, the coaching has been priceless and came at the right time when I needed to think hard about making the right choices for a fulfilling career for me."

Dr Halima Begum - First Secretary (Development), DFID China, British Embassy, and Beijing
January 2011

Once or twice in a life time you meet a person who stops you in your tracks. He will ask you questions you didn't know you needed answers to, remind you where you�ve just been and then send you on your way with a GPS in your pocket to get you exactly where you�re going.

Jules Boardman is one of these people. He has changed forever the quality of my passage through my own life and given me the confidence to get off the roundabout and take, the road less travelled. Jules is a generous, sensitive, firm, insightful and gifted coach. I value his help more than I can express in words and I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone lucky enough to have found his website or come in contact with him.

Caitriona McLaughlin - Theatre Director / Clore Fellow.
October 2010

When I began meeting with Jules, I felt that I was at a crossroads in my career. I had had a successful arts marketing career in the US, but since moving to and working in UK, I felt that I had lost confidence.

I had never considered career coaching, and was somewhat sceptical of how it might help. But my sessions with Jules gave me an opportunity to re-meet myself, through the eyes of someone completely impartial, but incredibly insightful.

Through these sessions and the homework which I was assigned, Jules helped me to assess my skills, strengths and areas for improvement. Moreover, Jules helped me to identify and name my fears, and to find ways to confront them head on.

In doing so, my confidence was rebuilding; so much so that I found myself applying for a post that I would previously have never had thought I could get, and never attempted. Well, I got the job.

Thanks for your help Jules.

Heather Clark Charrington, Director of Strategic Initiatives, National Theatre
May 2010

Jules is the godfather that your parents should have given you.

He's the familiar compass you always want to carry in an inside pocket, the light in the darker of the nights.

He's the challenge you always need and the question you would never ask.

When you achieve your greatest dreams, and with one last glance behind, complete your hardest journey, Jules will be the man you meet when you arrive who will say ....

'you see.'

Tom Harvey - Clore Fellow
April 2010

I wholeheartedly recommend Jules Boardman and his skills as an executive coach - and indeed have gone on to do so to many people, friends and colleagues since my five sessions with him.

One of the most valuable aspects of my Clore Fellowship was being offered the opportunity to be coached by Jules. He combines incisiveness, warmth and integrity, identifying pressure points and anxieties with the deadly precision of a surgeon, and then tackling them with you with practical warmth and watchful wisdom.

Trust yourself to the process and to him - and then all sorts of magic will unfold. That is certainly what happened in my case, when a combination of exercises with psychological insight, caused a major fundamental and profound shift in my outlook on the possibilities in life ahead of me.

I now feel as if I am flying whilst walking on solid ground, with a new kind of confidence, in new areas and with new horizons before me: effortless flow.

Ariane Koek - Clore Fellow
April 2010

I have just completed a coaching course with Jules Boardman. I learnt a lot through his systems of questions and discussions. Fears which had plagued me now seemed with comparative ease to have fallen into perspective. It is a very good feeling to contemplate the idea that now much more of my life, whether it be work or personal, is freshly understood. In short, I feel Jules has armed me with the kind of often abstract tools I need to move ahead.

Jules is always to the point, funny and strong. The two hour sessions moved along at a good pace leaving me with a fresh sense of progression.

Mark Baldwin -Artistic Director , Rambert Dance Company>
June 2009